Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don't Pet My Dog!

After posting my "No Soliciting" sign yesterday, my sister told me she needed a sign to keep people from trying to pet her dog. He is a very sweet dog to family and friends, but is very protective. Their beagle Tinkerbell would probably just lick someone to death, but try and pet Skider and you could lose your fingers!

I came up with this saying, and I had to make something from it! I wanted to make it look rustic or like burnt parchment, so I printed the words in a distressed font on heavy cardstock with a burnt looking background, then tore the edges and rubbed it with some pigment ink. I didn't have a piece of wood, which is what I wanted to use, so I messy painted a framed canvas, then glued the paper to the canvas and let it dry. I used satin Mod Podge to seal the paper onto the canvas and around the edges, so she can hang it outside if she wants to. I wouldn't recommend putting it in the full weather since the back isn't sealed, so if you wanted to try the project, either make it for inside or do the same thing, just with a wood plaque.

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