Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My New Found Craft Supply

I have been checking out different things that are becoming popular craft supplies and I came across Bakers Twine. What is Bakers Twine? It is a 100% cotton twine, usually white striped with a color, used to tie bakery boxes. It is FDA approved for packaging and cooking so you can use it for just about anything. It has become all the rage in the crafting world and even has people finding string manufacturers to create new colors for them to sell in bulk like Divine Twine. You can use it to tie gift tags, decorate cards, scrapbook pages and so many other things! Even tie up pea plants in your garden! I had seen other shops on Etsy selling it and was interested in it, but thought if they could find it in a large roll and spool it in smaller quantities, so could I! I finally got 3 of the 8 colors offered at an online bakery supply shop yesterday and was so excited. I started measuring and wrapping right away so I could get it up for sale! Check it out on my site

I have been really busy getting ready for the festival in 6 weeks so I may not post every day, but when I come up with something new I will get it on here to share!

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