Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Little Spots of Color: Paper Flowers

I thought I would continue today with my first scrapbook embellishment I made myself. I was contacted by a guy from the east coast last November to create a custom scrapbook for his girlfriend. What started out as an 8 page layout book turned into a 40 page masterpiece! I had just signed up to sell my crafts on and started looking into different company's policies about reselling their products in my own projects and a lot of them say no! I was horrified since everything I had here I needed to use for this huge project! I started by finding a paper company that graciously allows reselling their paper in crafts and went from there. Most of the sticker and embellishment companies still had a very strict Angel Policy about resale. I saw this cute little flower in a pack of 20 at the craft store I really wanted to use. It was white with a yellow center and the customer loves daisies. I came home and found a small flower punch, punched two flowers, glued them together for the 3-D effect and put a small yellow rhinestone in the center. Viola! I had my little flowers and they only cost me the price of the yellow rhinestone since I had plenty of white paper here! I was able to use them throughout this huge book and not worry about copyright laws on resale.

I was so proud of them I made them in all kind of colors and packaged them up. Within a day I had my first sale on them! Since then I have made them in every color and use them on almost all of my layouts.

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