Friday, May 7, 2010

Plantable Mother's Day Cards

So for Mother's Day I decided to do something a little different (and cost effective) by making my own plantable paper for cards. They can look at the card then plant them in a small pot to grow flowers. Cute huh? I found these instructions on From what I have read on various sites you can use any type of small seed although wildflower seeds are the most popular. I tried daisies so we'll see if it works out when they are planted! Here are the instructions in case anyone wanted to try it. The girls and I had a lot of fun doing it!

Step 1
Collect a large pile of paper and tear it into very small pieces (I used junk mail and my paper shreddder). Place the pieces in the blender jar. Fill the blender jar one-half to one-third full.

Step 2
Pour warm water into the blender jar over the pieces of paper. Fill the blender to the top line with warm water. Turn the blender on low for about 10 seconds. Increase the speed (or use the "Blend" button) for about 30 seconds or until no visible paper flakes remain.

Step 3
Sprinkle one-half to a teaspoon of flower seeds into the mixture and stir well (do not blend). Set the strainer on a cup or bowl and pour the mixture into the strainer. Use the spoon or spatula to press the mixture against the strainer and squeeze out more water.

Step 4
Lay the piece of flannel or felt onto a flat surface and dump the mixture onto the fabric. Use the spoon or spatula to spread it out on the fabric into the shape you want. Spread it as thin as you can so that it will dry quicker.

Step 5
Use the sponge to flatten the mixture and absorb more of the water from the paper mixture. Press firmly with the terry cloth or microfiber towel to absorb still more water.

Step 6
Allow the paper to dry on the top and then turn it over. Allow the other side to dry completely. Use the paper to make a note card or postcard. Include instructions for your recipient, letting them know that they can plant the paper directly into the ground or soil in a pot.

Have Fun!!

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